Ieng Sary Group Halts Publication of Magazine

Pkar Reach (Blooming Flower) magazine, which was published by Ieng Sary’s Democratic Na­tion­al Union Movement, has halted publication due to a lack of funds.

“We stop publication because we have no money, but we are thinking about future publications,” said Ieng Vuth, Ieng Sary’s son and the first deputy governor of Pailin.

“We spent a lot of money on its publication, but our magazine makes no money. We gave it to people for reading free of charge,” he said.

DNUM originally consisted of four military divisions that broke away from the Khmer Rouge in 1996 under the leadership of Ieng Sary, the Pol Pot regime’s foreign minister. They agreed to a cease-fire with Phnom Penh and de­mand­ed, somewhat successfully, gov­ernment positions for their leaders.

“We have to continue publication, but we have to find money first,” Ieng Vuth said. “The writers are no problem. They are waiting to do their work.”

Keut Sothea, Pailin’s second deputy governor, said Thursday, “It is impossible to publish be­cause the man who is responsible for publication is abroad, and there is the funding problem as well. Also, Ieng Sary’s health is not good.”

Keut Sothea said that Pkar Reach magazine provided people in the Pailin area, one of the Khmer Rouge’s last strongholds, with news.

Pkar Reach was published three times a year until 2003, which has seen only two issues.

Ieng Sary could not be reached for comment Thursday. An assistant said he left his Phnom Penh home for Pailin on Oct 15. “Now he is in Pailin, and his health is not bad. He can walk steady and well. He frequently visits Pailin by car,” the assistant said.

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