ICIJ Cambodian media partner has no hope of reopening after forced government closure

Press freedom activists say Cambodia’s authoritarian leader Hun Sen’s silencing of the Voice of Democracy has had a chilling effect ahead of national elections in July.

One of Cambodia’s last remaining independent media outlets, Voice of Democracy, sees no hope of reopening after being shut down by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Shortly after Hun Sen forced VOD’s closure he told a crowd at a local university that it cannot be revived, despite protests by United Nations experts and press freedom advocates.

“The closure of VOD has improved the professional ethics and freedom of media in Cambodia. Please do not think that VOD can be revived. This will never happen,” Hun Sen said.

In full: https://www.icij.org/inside-icij/2023/03/icij-cambodian-media-partner-has-no-hope-of-reopening-after-forced-government-closure/

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