IAEA Signs Practical Arrangements for Triangular Cooperation with Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam

Following the signature of two separate but complementary Practical Arrangements (PAs) on 17 September, the IAEA has established a new framework for south-south cooperation involving three Member States in the Asia and Pacific region alongside with the IAEA.

The Arrangements provide a framework for collaboration in a broad range of priority areas, from non-destructive testing and other industrial applications to nuclear medicine and mutation breeding. In this new framework, Viet Nam is expected to support both short- and long-term education and training programmes in Cambodia and Lao PDR. Additionally, Viet Nam will help bolster the national TC programmes of its neighbours by providing experts and lecturers to nuclear science and technology institutions in Cambodia and Laos, and by making its own technical facilities available to the other signatories of the Arrangements, including analytical laboratories, which will ensure that their multi-faceted support includes practical and hands-on dimensions.

In full: https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/news/iaea-signs-practical-arrangements-for-triangular-cooperation-with-cambodia-lao-pdr-and-viet-nam

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