‘I love the boy’: Cambodian surrogates forced to keep babies say they will care as best they can

When Lee had just given birth, she saw a Chinese man peering desperately through the window to her Phnom Penh hospital room. Security would not let him enter. But as nine months ago the man had agreed to pay the 24-year-old $10,000 to be a surrogate, the boy in her arms was biologically his.

In June, authorities arrested her and 31 other pregnant surrogates, detaining them in a police hospital.

Lee spent five months there. During labour, she was twice chained to her bed. Nor did her release come easy.

In full: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/06/love-boy-cambodian-surrogates-forced-keep-babies-say-will-bear/

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