Hundreds of Cameras Installed on City Roads

Phnom Penh City Hall has installed nearly 600 new surveillance cameras and about 60 of 100 planned traffic lights along major thoroughfares across the capital in an effort to promote public safety and reduce traffic jams, a city spokesman said on Wednesday.

Met Measpheakdey said City Hall had already installed 560 of the 600 cameras planned for the city’s busiest streets, adding to 200 existing cameras. The city began installing the new cameras in September and is expected to finish within the next month, he said.

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Newly installed security cameras and traffic lights at an intersection on Norodom Boulevard in Phnom Penh on Wednesday (Siv Channa/The Cambodia Daily)

“These cameras will help with security activities and help reduce traffic congestion,” he said.

About half of the new cameras, which were funded by the government, are currently operating, Mr. Measpheakdey said, adding that he was unsure of their cost. The Japan International Cooperation Agency paid for the new traffic lights.

Chev Hak, municipal traffic police chief, said the cameras could replace traffic police officers on the city’s streets.

“It will help our work in inspecting congested streets,” Mr. Hak said.

“These cameras can also record offenses,” he said, including traffic violations and robberies. “If we have an electronically controlled system, we can replace a lot of our police force.”

Mr. Measpheakdey said City Hall also planned to remove banners that hang across roads in order to beautify the capital and reduce traffic dangers should strong winds blow loose banners into drivers’ paths.

“The important thing is safety, and banners across the streets are big and could cause major risks,” Mr. Measpheakdey said. “If there are too many, it will affect the beauty of the city.”

City Hall would not renew contracts with companies that own the banners and would give them one month to remove the signage, he said.

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