Hun Sen’s Son Wants to Be Judged on Own Merits

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s youngest son, Hun Many, has again expressed a desire to succeed his father as the head of government, telling the Associated Press (AP) in an interview published Saturday that he nevertheless wants to be judged on his own merits.

The AP article quotes Mr. Many, who at the 2013 election became a CPP lawmaker for Kompong Speu province, as saying he believed his high ambition ought not be unique.

“Not only me, but every Cambodian should aspire to become prime minister,” said Mr. Many, echoing statements made last month on Vayo FM. Mr. Many, who is now 33—a year older than his father was when he became prime minister in 1985—conceded that his familial connection has “opened doors” for him in his political career but said he wished only to be judged on his own merits.

“It is not about judging me as Hun Many or the son of the prime minister, but more on what I do. And I leave that to the public and the Cambodian people,” he said.

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