Hun Sen Urges Fishermen to Stop Fishing Illegally

Prime Minister Hun Sen marked National Fish Day on Tuesday in Kompong Chhnang province by urging fishermen to refrain from illegal fishing and report lawbreakers.

“Please don’t use illegal equipment to fish,” Mr. Hun Sen said. “Please don’t catch the fish during the breeding season.”

The government bans fishing in the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers during the breeding season to allow fish stocks to replenish, but illegal fishing often continues unabated.

Some fishermen also use illegal nets or banned electrofishing equipment, which can cause sterilization in fish not caught.

Mr. Hun Sen released 1 million baby fish and 100,000 baby shrimps into Kdol Lake in Sammakki Meanchey district and issued another warning to fishermen.

“Please don’t cut trees in the flooded forests,” he said. “And if you know information about illegal fishing, please inform the authorities.”

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