Hun Sen To Delay Surgery Until After Finland Trip

Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tues­day that he requires surgery to treat a carbuncle on his foot.

Hun Sen said that walking through floodwater during an in­spection tour of an inundated Kam­pot town Aug 16 aggravated the car­buncle—a painful and potentially serious skin infection.

The prime minister said that he has been ignoring his doctor’s re­quest to have the surgery for over two weeks and will continue to de­lay the operation so he can at­tend a Sept 8 meeting in Finland.

“The prime minister must trust his [Khmer] doctors,” he said, add­ing that he plans to have the carbuncle surgery at Calmette Hos­pi­tal and not abroad. “If we rely on for­eign doctors, we will die soon,” he added. The prime minister did not say what the meeting in Finland was about, but the Ministry of Informa­tion stated that it was an Asean func­tion.

Heng Taikry, Ministry of Health sec­retary of state and personal doctor to the Hun Sen, said the carbuncle does not seriously threaten the prime minister’s health.

Even so, CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap said that he is concerned about the prime minister’s well-being and urged that he receive treatment in Finland. He also said that the prime minister’s health is weakening because he is so dedicated to his work. “His effort has no limit,” Cheam Yeap said. “He must think of his own health.”

Heng Taikry added that Hun Sen and his family always come to Phnom Penh’s Calmette for medical treatment. “Prime Minister Hun Sen initiated the hospital,” he said. “He trusts the hospital.”


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