Hun Sen Tells Landowners in Kep to Obey Tax Law

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday told landowners in the coastal province of Kep to pay their taxes on unused land and increase the amount of investment in the area to attract more visitors.

According to the law, unused land is subject to a 2 percent tax that must be paid by the registered owner before September 30 of the relevant year. Speaking in front of roughly 10,000 villagers, Mr. Hun Sen told provincial governor Ken Setha to enforce the land tax law.

“They bought the land and are freezing it for their own be­nefit, so please charge as much tax as possible,” he said. “For people who did not pay tax, try to get it from them, and file a law suit against them if they still insist in not paying.”

As on several occasions in the past, Mr. Hun Sen also called on investors to boost the number of tourism projects in the small coastal province.

“In 2012, the number of tourists coming to Kep was 20 times the total number of people living in the province,” he said. “Now, there are many French people coming to visit Kep and building their houses here. The mayor of Paris has even visited Kep on his holiday.”

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