Hun Sen Slams Sexy Movies, Racy Costumes

Prime Minister Hun Sen or­dered the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts to stop licensing sexy movies that show at theaters and appealed to film-makers and writers to avoid stories that de­mand women wear racy clothing.

“I appeal to all writers: Do not write any stories ordering performers to wear short skirts and shirts,” Hun Sen said to a group of more than 500 graduated students at the University of Health Sciences on Tuesday.

“The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts should consider this matter of whether to provide licenses or not. Those movies could not be shown if there were no licenses,” he said.

The Prime Minister, who has previously launched similar moral crusades, also lamented that actresses use their bodies to achieve fame.

“Some actresses wear too-short skirts and shirts in order to be­come well-known,” he said, adding that such women should be educated.

“[Minister of Women’s Affairs Ung Kantha Phavy] should call those people for education,” Hun Sen said. “The Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of Information should monitor this matter.”

Actress Chorn Chanlakana said that costume samples are sent to the Ministry of Culture for approval before filming, especially in the case of historical films.

“Traditional clothes are selected in response to the time period,” she said. “When we act in traditional films, we cannot wear modern clothes. The costumes are never changed to distort the past or make it more sexy to attract attention.”

However, she said that it is an actress’ right to choose whether or not to use sex appeal to make her name in the business.

Minister of Culture Prince Siso­wath Panara Sirivuth said film pro­ducers trick the ministry by send­ing deceptive scenarios and samples in order to acquire licenses.

Hun Sen also criticized affluent nations for producing porn for ex­port.

“Today an arrest is made for pornography sales, tomorrow they produce more,” Hun Sen said. “It looks like cows and buffaloes. It is worse than animals.”


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