Hun Sen Resurrects United States’ Backing of Khmer Rouge at International Forum

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday again made references to the United States’ support for the Khmer Rouge-led Democratic Kampuchea to retain its seat in the United Nations, even after Vietnamese-backed forces had unseated the guerilla outfit from Phnom Penh.

The prime minister was speaking at the 2nd Asia Pacific Summit in Phnom Penh and highlighted Cambodia’s progress following the devastations of the genocide in the late 1970s. He questioned the democratic credentials of countries who first supported a military coup led by Lon Nol and then backed the Khmer Rouge by helping it retain its seat at the UN.

“Some countries say they are democratic but they have supported military coups,” he said, addressing foreign dignitaries at the forum. “They say they respect human rights, but have supported genocide and the killers to have seat in UN.”

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