Hun Sen Raises Civil Servant Pensions

Prime Minister Hun Sen signed a sub-decree on Thursday ordering government officials to raise the pensions of retired and disabled civil servants by between $5 and $15.

The sub-decree, retroactive from April 2014, applies to all government ministries.

“This sub-decree aims at adding pension for retirees and former civil servants who lost their professional fitness,” it says.

The sub-decree outlines how much the civil servants, ranked A through D, will receive: civil servants in level A will receive an extra 20,000 riel, about $5, per month, while their peers retiring from level D will receive an additional 60,000 riel, about $15.

Following last year’s national election, in which the ruling CPP suffered a major blow to its popularity, the government has placed a particular focus on the issue of civil servant compensation.

Just days after the 2013 election, the Ministry of Finance announced that about 90,000 low-paid civil servants would get a 30 percent pay raise.

One of the central planks of the opposition CNRP’s campaign last year was to institute a $250 monthly wage for civil servants, many of whom currently earn about $100 per month.

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