Hun Sen Off to Thailand for Talks With Thaksin Thaksin

Hun Sen travels to Bangkok today with his wife, Bun Rany, and senior Cambodian leaders for an official visit with Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Hun Sen and Thaksin will discuss “issues of common interest” and sign an agreement to exempt hold­ers of diplomatic passports from visa requirements between the two countries, according to a news release.

The agenda for the meeting was set by the Thai Foreign Min­istry and an advance party for Hun Sen arrived in Bangkok Monday to finalize the schedule, a Thai embassy official said.

Border issues remain a conten­tion for both countries. On Nov 1, 18 Cam­bo­dians attempting to cross il­legally from Banteay Mean­chey province into Thailand claimed a Thai border guard shot and killed one of their friends after he stepped on a land mine. Two other Cambodians also were reported to be killed by the blast

At least two high-ranking Cam­bo­dian officials traveled to Bang­kok last week for meetings about the incident.

Cambodia and Thailand also have not resolved disputed claims to the Gulf of Siam, where underwater gas deposits worth millions of dollars are believed to exist. Hun Sen and Thaksin signed a memorandum of understanding on joint exploration of the area when Thaksin visited Phnom Penh in June.

Hun Sen is sched­uled to re­turn to Cambodia Thursday, ac­cor­­ding to a news release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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