Hun Sen: Elections Bring National Peace

Prime Minister Hun Sen Wednesday said the commune council elections are another step toward maintaining peace in Cambodia.

According to his aide Eang Sophalleth, the prime minister told a delegation of French parliamentarians who served as election monitors that one-party rule would possibly lead to factionalism or even fighting.

“To avoid this type of war, we need to have such elections in order to build multi-party liberal democracy in Cambodia,” Hun Sen told the delegation. “Now the Cambodian people can choose their leaders, instead of having them appointed.”

In a statement read Sunday on state television, the prime minister asked all political parties “to exhibit patience and recognize the poll results, avoiding disputes. Both the parties that have se­cured more votes and the parties that have obtained fewer ballots should avoid the use of indecent, inflammatory and hurtful language.

“All the political parties are asked to remain patient and tranquil, giving the NEC the chance to resolve problems without interference and pressure. I wish to advise the existing commune chiefs and their deputies to organize the process of transferring power and handing over duties to the new commune councils.

“I would like to wish the people who took part in these elections, those who won more votes as well as those who secured fewer ballots, success on the path of democracy and peace.

“All are winners; our entire nation is the winner.”

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