Hun Sen: Coalition Negotiations Progressing Gov’t, Hun Sen

Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tuesday that he believes the political standoff between the CPP and the Alliance of Democrats will end soon and a new government will be formed quickly.

“I am optimistic that the new Royal Government of Cambodia will enter into its third mandate, according to the people’s will and aspiration, and we are fully committed to the cause of peace, dev­e­lopment and prosperity for all,” Hun Sen told an audience of Asean economic ministers at Chak­tomuk Theater.

Negotiations are under way between the CPP and the Alli­ance of Democrats, which is made up of Funcinpec and the Sam Rainsy Party, the prime minister said.

“We are now working to solve the differences among political parties who have been selected by the people through the elections to serve in the National Assembly,” he said.

The July 27 election gave the CPP 73 Assembly seats—nine short of the two-thirds necessary to form a government alone. Fun­cinpec took 26 seats, and the Sam Rainsy Party won 24 seats.

Both the opposition party and Funcinpec have rejected the election results and said previously that neither party would accept a government with Hun Sen as prime minister.

Om Yentieng, an adviser to Hun Sen, said Tuesday that negotiations between the CPP and the Alliance of Democrats have al­ready gone forward.

“We have met with officials from the two political parties separately to talk about forming the bilateral coalition government—not a tripartite coalition government,” he said.

Om Yentieng refused to discuss the content of the meetings or parties in attendance, saying only, “This is a secret meeting and I cannot elaborate on it.”

Officials from the Sam Rainsy Party and Funcinpec denied Om Yentieng’s claims.

“The CPP has an awful habit of informing the people of bogus in­formation,” said Ung Bun-Ang, spokesman for the Sam Rainsy Party, on Tuesday. “I think Om Yentieng is dreaming. He invented this rumor because he wants to weaken the Alliance of Demo­crats’ strength.”

An official with Funcinpec agreed. “The claim [by Om Yentieng] was very contrary to the Alliance of Democrats’ principles,” Kassie Neou, spokesman for Funcinpec, said Tuesday.


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