Hun Sen Claims Candidate’s Wife Makes Threat

Prime Minister Hun Sen claimed Thursday that the second wife of an unnamed politician had promised to gouge out his eye if her husband wins the July election and takes the prime minister’s job.

Hun Sen said that he would not name the woman, but that she is not in the country.

“I am sad with this unethical language,” Hun Sen said in a speech at the inauguration of a mosque in Phnom Penh that was broadcast on national radio.

“I am a human being. This lady should not have said that if her husband wins, she would take Hun Sen’s eye out,” he said.

Hun Sen, who lost an eye in battle in 1975, said his injury had caused him much suffering.

He also said that he wanted to end the politics of taking revenge against opponents when power changes hands.

“I am trying to end the policy of the water raising and the fish eating the ants and the water receding the ants eating the fish,” he said in his speech.

He said that he learned of the comments through his intelligence officers and had a warning to those who threaten him.

“I have all the means to gather information. Even if you fart, I will know,” the prime minister said.

Norodom Ranariddh Party spokesman Muth Channtha said Thursday that he believed the prime minister was referring to Ouk Phalla, Prince Norodom Ranariddh’s second wife who is also in self-imposed exile with her husband.

“It is just an accusation…. She never talks to anyone in Cambo­dia,” Muth Channtha said.

If the NRP wins the election, he added, it will not harm anyone, but will target corruption.

Koul Panha, director of the Committee for Free and Fair Elections, said that the build up to the July national election was far more peaceful compared to the votes of 1993 and 1998.

“We’ve monitored the political party campaign. It is not aggressive like before,” Koul Panha said.

“That includes the opposition and ruling parties. They don’t incite to cause political violence. People think about political stability,” he said.

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