Hun Sen blasts Out-of-Government Critics, “Losers,”

Prime Minister Hun Sen said yesterday that political parties who lost the elections to the ruling CPP do not have the knowledge and experience to criticize the government’s work.

Speaking at the inauguration of the new Commerce Ministry building in Sen Sok district, Mr Hun Sen said complaining was easier than governing.

“They are called the losers but make recommendations to the winners. When talking, they make orders as if they sit in the sky. They don’t know how hard the job is because they have never done the job,” he said. “Sometimes I cannot stand it, so I just say it is enough.”

SRP lawmaker and spokesman Yim Sovann said the people’s welfare was most important, regardless of who won the elections.

“I don’t want to win. I just want Khmers to protect sovereignty and the people’s right to freedom of expression. I want the economy to win and the issues to be resolved. The party winning or not is not important,” he said.

Mr Hun Sen also said he wanted more hotels to use local meat and produce to help develop domestic supply and demand.

“The tourists come to our country, more than 2 million per year,” he said. “The hotel that uses the most local products will receive appreciation. So the Cambodiana [Hotel] should use more. Kith Meng, you are the chief of the Chamber of Commerce. May you be the role model for the others. Increase the market for the farmer,” the prime minister said.

Reached by telephone, Kith Meng, CEO of The Royal Group, which owns the Hotel Cambodiana, said 85 percent of the hotel’s food is Cambodian produced.

“The quality is OK and we try to help the Cambodian market,” he said.

Luu Meng, Cambodia Hotel Association President, said many hotels already use local goods as much as possible because they are cheaper, fresher and often grown without chemicals.

Mr Meng, director of Thalia’s Group, which owns the French restaurant Topaz and the Almond Hotel Phnom Penh, said chefs at both restaurants often base their recipes on goods available in the local market.

“It is very good quality. We need to use the local products,” he said.


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