Hun Sen Orders Civil Servants Back to Work

Prime Minister Hun Sen has issued a directive ordering all civil servants, police, military policemen and soldiers who requested time off to work on electoral campaigns to return to work.

“Civil servants in all levels have to come back to work in their ministries [and] institutions after they have asked permission to stop working during the election campaign,” Hun Sen wrote in a directive dated Sunday. Minis­ters, secretaries of state and un­dersecretaries of state would be included under the civil servants who are required to work.

Hun Sen warned in the directive that the secretary of state of the Public Function Office has “the duty to control the civil servants absent lists and report to the government through the Council of Ministers” any civil servants who have not returned to work.

The directive also ordered all police and gendarmes to return to headquarters with their weap­ons, repeating a prior call by the military in early August demanding that soldiers return their weap­ons to their bases.

In the same directive, Hun Sen urged local authorities to educate people not to believe rumors and information that could lead to the disruption of peace in the country.

“Local authorities have to educate the people not to believe the false campaigns and motivations in order to protect the national security and public order,” he wrote.

Last week, the prime minister also demanded that all ministers and secretaries of state hand over their rubber stamps to administrative directors of the ministries before they leave their offices in order to “strengthen the government substantial works.”


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