Hun Many Says Firm Used His Name Illegally

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s youngest son, Hun Many, on Monday lodged a complaint with the Phnom Penh Municipal Court against a man who allegedly used his name to demand expedited customs clearance at the Sihanoukville port, his lawyer said.

Mr. Many alleges that an employee from a transportation company told port officials that two ambulances awaiting clearance belonged to Mr. Many in order to speed up the process, according to his lawyer Ly Chantola.

“Hun Many doesn’t want people using his name to do anything and also Hun Many has never been involved in using his name to do something like that,” Mr. Chantola said.

“This is the first time [Mr. Many has taken action]. Hun Many wants to start taking action against those who use his name to do illegal things.”

Mr. Chantola refused to reveal the name of the man Mr. Many was accusing of using his name to facilitate special treatment, but said that the man had made the claim directly to the chief customs inspection officer at the Sihanoukville port.

Kin Ly, the chief of customs and excise at the port, also declined to identify the accused man, but said the man worked for the “RSL Company” and was sent to receive two ambulances from China to deliver to a hospital in Phnom Penh.

“The person from the RSL Company sent a message to the chief inspection officer that the goods belong to Hun Many, so they have to be transported on August 5,” Mr. Ly said. “The goods had the documents required for clearance but the guy wanted them taken in a hurry on August 5.”

“After receiving this message, the chief inspection officer called Hun Many, but Mr. Many said he didn’t have any goods to be transported from there,” Mr. Ly explained. He added that the ambulances are being held at the port.

RSL could not be reached for comment.

Mr. Chantola, the lawyer, said that Mr. Many’s complaint was a message to the public that he was not corrupt.

“Hun Many announces and clarifies to the citizenry that he’s not a person who uses power to do illegal things,” he said.

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