HK, Macau Trade Group Starts

The China Hong Kong and Macau Business Association of Cambodia will kick off tonight at the Cambodiana Hotel.

The association already has 50 members—companies registered in Hong Kong or Macau and doing business in Cambodia, said Ron Ho, the group’s vice chairman and country manager for DragonAir, the Hong Kong-based airline.

Ho said as many as 100 companies based in Hong Kong or Macau have offices in Cambodia.

The association plans to work on developing strong economic ties between Cambodia and Hong Kong and Macau. It will also provide legal assistance and support for members.

Ambassadors from the Chi­nese and Japanese embassies are expected to attend, Ho said.

Although the new organization is separate from the China Busi­ness Association, Ho said the group holding its first meeting tonight is associated with the Chinese Embassy in Phnom Penh.

Macau is a Portuguese protectorate due to be returned to Chi­nese rule in 1999.

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