Hitachi Looks to Set Up SEZ in Kandal Province

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding with three major companies to conduct a feasibility study on the potential development of a new special economic zone (SEZ) in Kandal province, said the CEO of one of the signatories.

The study, which will begin in June and take six months to complete, will look at a 300-hectare plot of land in Takhmao City, said Seang Chan Heng, CEO of local real estate firm Heng Development Co. Ltd.

The other two companies assisting with the study are Japanese telecoms company Forval Corporation and the Japan Development Institute Ltd. “Hitachi is a massive global company,” Mr. Chan Heng said.

“It needs to…realize what the plans are for development around the area such as road infrastructure and what the plans of the government are.” Mr. Chan Heng declined to say how much Hitachi plans to invest in the project.

According to online publication Digital Journal, Hitachi, which specializes in electronic and telecommunication systems, will maintain and operate the park, and provide tenants with the necessary equipment.

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