Health Official Released After Violent Rampage

The director of a commune-run health center in Kratie province accused of running his mistress off the road in an ambulance, then beating and robbing her, has been released by court officials who said they could find no evidence of the alleged crimes.

Sim Chanveasna, 47, director of the O’Krieng commune health center in Sambor district, was arrested last Monday after his 22-year-old mistress of seven years filed a complaint alleging the violent chain of events, which she said occurred earlier in the month.

Sambor district police officers arrest health official Sim Chanveasna outside a commune health center in Kratie Province on Tuesday.

The woman told police she had been riding through the commune on the back of another man’s motorbike on January 24 when Mr. Chanveasna crashed the ambulance into the motorbike and attacked both of them, before dragging her into the ambulance and stealing her jewelry while driving her home.

Kratie Provincial Court spokesman Hak Han on Sunday said that Mr. Chanveasna was released on Friday after court officials were unable to prove accusations that he was in possession of two firearms or that he had committed a crime.

“We questioned the suspect and spent a day investigating at his house, but we could not find any evidence to charge the suspect. That is why we released him,” he said.

“It was not an actual crime,” he added.

During questioning with court officials, the plaintiffs gave answers that “were different and were not linked to the crime,” and the woman had since withdrawn her complaint, Mr. Han said.

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