He wanted to expose Cambodia’s virginity trade. Now, he’s in prison

A Cambodian translator helped foreign journalists film a documentary about alleged sex trafficking in the Kingdom. Authorities now claim the film’s subjects said they were paid to be in the film. The translator’s wife, who visited him in prison, tells Southeast Asia Globe that her husband is afraid, sick and innocent.

A Cambodian woman says she sold her daughter’s virginity for $1,000 because they needed the money. Dressed in a school uniform with a backpack on her shoulders, the girl confirms her mother’s account. Both of their faces are shown and names revealed.

At one point in the film, a man off camera is heard asking the girl in Khmer, “Is it true? She really sold you?”

“Yes, it’s true,” the girl replies. “She made me do that.”

In full: http://sea-globe.com/cambodian-translator-rath-rott-mony-jailed/

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