Hacker Group Publishes Anti-Corruption Unit Passwords

International computer hacking group Anonymous claimed on Friday to have hacked the website of the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) and publicly rebuked the government arm for its poor safety measures online.

On a website, Anonymous leaked the usernames and passwords of almost 200 ACU staff, including high-ranking officials such as Sean Borath, ACU vice president.

According to Anonymous, the passwords of all except one staff member were “12345.”

Anonymous said that it had also accessed the ACU’s log files.

“We didn’t delete anything from that by the way, it is just empty. Security, you are doing it wrong,” Anonymous wrote on Friday.

The attack, made public on Friday, appears to be the group’s first since it announced that it would attack government websites last week.

“Our message is a simple one. To the Cambodian government, you do not have a stranglehold on communication within your country, you are simply a few keystrokes away from our grasp. You should fear our reach and realize our resolve will not falter,” Anon­ymous said in its message Friday, adding that the attack was a reaction to the past weeks’ political events.

“We have seen an election riddled with allegations of corruption and unanswered questions about massive voting irregularities. We have witnessed the Cambodian people take to the streets to demand change, those demands have been met with bullets fired by riot police, innocent blood has been spilled,” Anonymous said, referring to Sunday’s opposition CNRP protest, and a clash with police later during which several people were shot and injured and one killed.

Ou Phannarith, head of the Cambodian Computer Emergency Response Team (Camcert), which works to improve the government’s online security, said that he had not heard of the attack as of Friday.

“I haven’t heard, and I haven’t been informed by the ACU yet. Until they inform us [Camcert], we cannot investigate and help,” Mr. Phannarith said.

Camcert, he said, had organized cybersecurity workshops for ministries and branches of the government before. “We used to do it, but at the time maybe the ACU was not involved,” he said.

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