Guard Says She Struck Man, Paid for Injuries

A security guard at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital on Thursday told the Phnom Penh Municipal Court that she had compensated a local journalist she struck in July as he attempted to take photographs at the hospital.

Koeut Phally, 40, was arrested at the hospital after she used her walkie-talkie to hit Leng Vannsothea, 32, a reporter with Hang Meas TV and Nokor Thom News.

According to the complaint filed by Mr. Vannsothea, the guard had reacted to his attempts to photograph a man who had died at the hospital.

“I swung [my walkie-talkie], and the walkie-talkie hit his head. His wound had a little blood,” Ms. Phally said in court Thursday.

The court clerk then read a document signed by Mr. Vannsothea that confirmed Ms. Phally compensated him.

“I withdraw my complaint because I got compensation already,” he said in the document, which did not specify the sum.

Deputy prosecutor Kol Bon said despite the compen- sation, the court would still pursue the charge of intentional violence against Ms. Phally.

Judge Veasna said the verdict would be handed down September 30.

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