Group launches campaign in Cambodia to educate on Covid-19 prevention

The International Labor Organisation’s Better Factories Cambodia has launched a campaign to educate garment, footwear and travel goods workers and drivers on how to prevent the Covid-19 infection while using collective transportation to travel to and from their factories each day, said its press release on Tuesday (June 16).

The campaign, backed by major brands such as Primark, Next, Puma and Clarks, aimed at informing garment workers and drivers of collective transportation on how to reduce the risk of Covid-19 in the garment, footwear and travel goods sector, the press release said.

Posters and banners have been developed to target workers who commute between their homes and factories each day using collective transportation such as trucks, buses and vans, it said, adding that they provide information on steps to take before, during and after they arrive at the factory, and when they arrive home.

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