Group Documents Threats

A prominent Cambodian hu­man rights group has released a report documenting violent threats against opposition party members after Sunday’s election.

“We would like the government to put a stop to these re­venge acts,” said Adhoc Director Thun Saray. He said Friday the CPP should tell its supporters not to threaten the opposition. “They won the election al­ready, why do they take re­venge?”

Adhoc’s report details alleged CPP supporters threatening to kill members of Funcinpec and the Sam Rainsy party.

In Oknha commune in Sihan­ouk­ville, a Funcinpec party leader said he fled his house after an un­identified man broke in late at night and told him, “I will shoot you in the head because you are the head of the Funcinpec party.”

At O-Chrau commune, also in Sihanoukville, CPP supporters in military garb al­legedly told a Fun­cinpec candidate in his yard, “you will not be able to escape. You will be killed…Whether you sell your house and land, I will hunt you down and kill you.”

In Kompong Cham province, 14 people from various villages fled after CPP supporters allegedly threatened them.

CPP security officials said earlier this week that election losers are trying to discredit the results.

“These are fabricated stories,’’ said an RCAF general who did not want to be identified.

Thun Saray said his group was forwarding his report to the UN Center for Human Rights, the National Election Commission, and the international observer group JIOG.

Although many more serious human rights offenses, including possible political killings, occurred before the election and have never been investigated, Thun Saray was hopeful that these latest threats would be investigated and stopped.


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