Great Wall Taxi Drivers on Strike to Demand Contracts

Drivers working for Great Wall Taxi have been on strike since Saturday night demanding the company offer them contracts so the fees they pay to rent cars cannot be suddenly raised, drivers and the company director said. Some of the drivers are also asking the company to stop setting a limit on the amount of gasoline it will subsidize.

The company’s director, who declined to give his real name but asked to be called “Uncle Fat,” said a meeting between drivers and management Monday had led to an agreement to draw up a contract that formalized the current system of fees and revenue-sharing.

“Most of the 90 drivers agreed with the terms in the contract, but only a few still protest,” he said. “Some drivers come to stop others from signing the contract.”

Kong Vichet, a Great Wall driver, said he wanted to sign the contract and was disappointed that other drivers were putting on pressure to keep the strike going.

However, So Sopheak, another driver, said the company still needed to provide better terms, including raising the gasoline limit.

“Setting a limit on gasoline doesn’t take into account unforeseen problems like traffic jams,” he said.

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