Gov’t Unveils New Uniforms

A ceremony unveiling new uniforms and insignia for top government leaders is a testament to how stable the government has become, according to acting head of state Chea Sim.

The ceremony symbolized “the end of chronic strife, peace, political stability [and] reforms,” he said, and attests to “political unity, internal solidarity, and discipline within the government.”

Chea Sim, who is also president of the Senate and ruling Cambodian People’s Party, presided over the ceremony Friday at which 222 officials received their new insignia, authorized under a law signed by King Norodom Sihanouk in February.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said the new outfits are not intended to make the leaders look fashionable, but to “change attitudes of leadership from the era of war to the era of peace, and to enforce the state of law and democracy.”

Minister of Cabinet Sok An said there is one type of uniform for the prime minister, deputy prime ministers and senior ministers, a second for ministers, secretaries of state and undersecretaries of state.

The uniforms, which are tunic tops with epaulettes and trousers or skirts, will spell out administrative rank, he said.

The government will pay for the new uniforms, to be worn on formal and state occasions.

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