Gov’t Seeks New International Phone Gateway

The Ministry of Posts and Tele­communications is proposing a new international gateway in order to be more cost competitive.

The proposal would create a 002 in­ternational gateway using In­ter­net technology to reduce the price of international calls from $1.50 per minute using the government’s 001 gateway to $1 per mi­n­ute using the new technology.

The ministry needs approval for the $500,000 project from the Ministry of Finance, said Koy Kimsea, undersecretary of state for the Ministry of Posts and Tele­communications.

If the project receives Finance Ministry approval, establishment of the new gateway will begin with­in the next three months, Koy Kimsea said.

The project will coincide with even tougher measures to curtail the use of Internet cafes, which charge about $0.02 per minute for in­ternational calls, he said.

Cambodia’s only private international gateway, Tele2 (007), has also lowered its prices, MobiTel announced last week. “We have to be competitive both locally and internationally,” said MobiTel general manager Rada Nong.

Weekday costs for calls to Thai­land, Laos and Vietnam using 007 are now $1.35 per minute; calls to the rest of Asia $1.44; and calls to other countries $1.62. Weekend rates are $1.05, $1.15, and $1.30.

Koy Kimsea did say that while the cost of 002 calls will be cheaper than 001 or 007, the quality of the connections will likely be poorer, as it is with all calls using Inter­net technology.


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