Gov’t Rewards CFF Members For Surrendering in Prey Veng

Eighteen men who confessed to being part of the Cambodian Freedom Fighters in Prey Veng province have received at least $26 each from government officials for their surrender.

The 18 came forward after Prime Minister Hun Sen said members of the CFF who surrendered would not be punished and would receive a prize, said Doeung Bunny, deputy police chief of Prey Veng.

Hong Hun and Tem Hut, the CFF leaders in Prey Veng and former CPP members, led the others to surrender, Doeung Bunny said. CPP Senators Men Sarun and Nhim Vanda gave both of them $200 in a ceremony in Prey Veng province Monday. The 16 other CFF members each received $26.

The 18 were then allowed to go free and return home.

“Their confession sets a good example for the other CFF mem­bers who have not yet come forward,” Nhim Vanda told TVK.

Tem Hut met with Men Sarun in Phnom Penh recently to confess, and then Men Sarun brought him back to Prey Veng province, Doeung Bunny said.

“The two leaders [Hong Hun and Tem Hut] have a low education and they were persuaded to join by [CFF leader] Chhun Yasith,” Doeung Bunny said.

The area near a vacant building owned by Men Sarun was damaged last Thursday night by a bomb blast. Police believe the bombing was the result of a personal dispute and not related to the CFF, which is blamed for the Nov 24 attack on government offices in Phnom Penh.

Chay Sareth, deputy governor of Prey Veng, said there are more CFF members in his province, but they haven’t been arrested yet. “We want them to come out and confess to the government, and then we will give them a prize,” he said.

Chay Sareth, however, as­sured the public that Prey Veng is a safe place. “Security is still good here,” he said. “Nothing bad happened be­cause we got the information about the CFF on time.”


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