Gov’t, Japanese NGO Study Energy Project

Officials announced Tuesday that the government is teaming up with a Japanese NGO on a $10 million alternative energy re­search project aimed at developing production of renewable hybrid energy.

Japan’s New Energy and Industry Technology Develop­ment Organization will develop two as yet untested systems for dispersed power generation. The first will combine protovoltaic solar power energy with micro-hy­droelectric generation and will be carried out at the Teuk Chhar resort in Kompong Cham prov­ince’s Prey Chhor district.

The second project will combine solar power with biogas power generation.

Because the project will generate power through gases found in cow dung, it will be carried out on a Sihanoukville cattle ranch owned by businessman Mong Reththy.

Both projects will provide low-cost energy to local households, businesses and schools.

“This is the first technique of joint study and research between Cambodia and NEDO. If it is successful, the project will be ex­panded nationwide,” said Sat Samy, director of the Energy Tech­nique Department of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy. “We have to make this study with the assistance of Japan for our future. If we don’t start now, we will have to buy energy from other countries forever.”

Both 108-kilowatt power projects were launched Friday at the Kompong Cham site in a groundbreaking ceremony attended by Japanese Ambassador Gotaro Ogawa and Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The studies are due to be completed by December 2004. Pre­liminary data and results from the projects should be available by early next year, Sat Samy said.

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