Governor Gives Kazantip the Go-Ahead After All

The governor of Preah Sihanouk province said Monday that a debauched Eastern European music festival set to be held on Sihanoukville’s Koh Puos island later this month would be allowed to take place, backtracking on his announcement last week that it had been banned over the potential for “sexy activities.”

Provincial Governor Chhit Sokhom said that Kazantip—a raucous rave originally held in Crimea before being relocated to Georgia last year due to conflict in the region—would be allowed to go ahead if organizers and revelers respect local customs.

“I don’t oppose it if there is approval from the [Tourism] Ministry,” said Mr. Sokhom.

“However, there needs to be conditions to avoid indecency, drug use, gambling and people walking in the nude.”

Tourism Minister Thong Khon echoed Mr. Sokhom’s concerns, but said it was the responsibility of the provincial government to give the festival the all-clear.

“We will see the terms of the contract and whether there is anything that could affect our culture and traditions,” Mr. Khon said. “We will not ban it, but they need to avoid those [indecent] activities.”

Kazantip organizers did not respond to a request for comment.

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