Government Warns of Companies Offering Bogus Jobs in S Korea

The Ministry of Labor issued a public statement on Saturday warning the general public and broadcast media to be wary of private companies that falsely claim to offer employment opportunities in South Korea.

The Ministry said only it could ar­range such employment with South Korean companies, adding that it had now opened the recruitment process for such jobs.

In two public advertisements in the Khmer-language newspaper Koh Santepheap Daily, Secretary of State Pich Sophoan called upon workers and the parents of students who were seeking to find employment in South Korea “to be more careful in order to avoid be­ing cheated by bad people who could use tricks such as [claiming] they can ensure work in the Republic of Korea.”

The Labor Ministry said applicants who have studied Korean language for three years and want to work in South Korea may register with the ministry, which will pass their information on to the government and companies in that country.

The ministry also appealed to radio and television broadcasters to stop running advertisements from private companies claiming to offer jobs in South Korea.

“Please, radio stations, TV stations, stop broadcasting…the unofficial information about working in Korea,” one of the statements said.

Officials at the Labor Ministry were unavailable.

Meas Makara, 35, a laborer, claimed she had spent $4,550 in registration and visa fees at the Set International School in Phnom Penh’s Meanchey district for a supposed job as a laborer in a South Ko­rean furniture factory-—all for nothing.

The school’s director, Sorn Phe­ar­kdei, later disappeared, she said.

“Totally he cheated me out of $4,550 and my passport,” Ms Makara claimed.

Mr Phearkdei’s assistant, who would only gave his name as Jackie, denied the that the school even of­fered opportunities to work overseas, adding it only provided language and computer courses.

“My school director is not involved with cheating students. If this case involves my school, please contact the court,” he said.


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