Government Opens Door for Muslim Teachers

Prime Minister Hun Sen called for the speedy implementation of a policy to bring hundreds of Muslim teachers into state schools during a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Friday, in which a draft Law on Accounting and Audits was also approved.

According to a statement released after the meeting, Mr. Hun Sen told relevant ministers to ensure that a directive regarding Muslim teachers, issued by the Council of Ministers on June 29, comes into effect by August. 

“The Council of Ministers, on the prime minister’s approval, will add 1,500 Cambodian-Islamic teachers into the Ministry of Education’s teachers framework and they will get paid from August onward,” the statement said.

Separately, the statement said, Muslims would now be allowed to wear traditional dress in photographs for official documents.

The Council of Ministers said it will “allow men to wear caps and Muslim women to wear headscarves on passports, national identity cards or photos for other administrative documents if brothers and sisters prefer.”

During Friday’s meeting, Mr. Hun Sen also called for a review of Cambodia’s controversial policy of allowing other countries to fly its flag on their ships, the statement said.

“[Mr. Hun Sen] advised to redo a study about the benefits and im­pacts as a result of allowing foreign boats using Cambodian flags.”

The Council of Ministers also passed a draft Law on Accounting and Audits meant to improve transparency and accountability in corporate finances.

The law—prepared over five years—will “completely re­spond to international standards on accounting and auditing.”

“This draft law will have its implementation scope on public institutions, corporations, non-profit organizations, accountants and auditors,” the statement said.

Finally, the government approved two sub-decrees on river reservoir management and the procedure for obtaining licenses for road maintenance, according to the statement.

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