Government Neglects Copyrights as Egregiously as Human Rights

Unless the producers of the government’s online video about “Using The Rights In An Anarchic Way” had proper permission to use the photographs in their propaganda video, they stole the intellectual property of the photographers.

When I watched the video—“Government Releases Video Warning Against ‘Excessive’ Rights Use” (May 30)—I did not see any credits for the photographs or the photographers, suggesting that the video producer claimed credit for the photos, which of course is not correct.

—Letter to the Editor—

It seems that the members of the Cambodian Human Rights Committee (CHRC) have as little respect and/or understanding of “copyrights” as they do of human rights. I cannot believe that authors of the photographs used in the video would condone the way in which their work has been used by the CHRC.

Jim Mizerski

Phnom Penh

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