Ghana Man Fatally Shot, Link to Drugs Found

A citizen of Ghana was shot dead Tuesday night in Russei Keo district in what police believe was a revenge attack related to the drug trade, Khuon Sophon, chief of the municipal penal police, said Wednesday.

Police reported Wednesday that Adam Mustafa Salam, 36, died after being shot three times at close range in Chroy Changvar commune as he sat in a car at the Caltex gas station across the Japanese Friendship Bridge.

Khuon Sophon said the victim apparently knew the people who shot him. “He was shot dead by people he knew. This is an act of revenge involved with drug dealing,” said Khuon Sophon.

“First reports by investigation police think the killing was a personal dispute or revenge because the victim and the killers talked a lot before the shooting. Other reports say the case is involved with drug smuggling,” Rean Vichet, deputy chief of immigra­tion police, said.

Working as a football coach in Takh­mau town, Salam had in the past assisted the city police’s anti-drugs unit by providing information about the drug trade, Khuon Sophon said.

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