German Waste Program Ends

A two-year, German-funded training program to promote private waste management projects in Cambodia concluded Thurs­day.

Under the program, 12 Cam­bodians were trained in waste management, recycling technology and landfill construction and management.

Ursula Nix, head of a regional office for the Carl Duisberg Ges­ellschaft Founda­tion for Interna­tional Training and Development, said the goal was to strengthen the knowledge of the 12 who currently work in various ministries and encourage them to create private enterprises.

During the program, participants traveled to Germany to visit waste-management sites and talk to experts there.

“It’s very important that our government take the knowledge and experience from Germany and apply it in Cambodia,” said Cambodian Minister of Environ­ment Mok Mareth. “You can see Cambodia has some big difficulties in waste management,” Mok Mareth said.

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