German Arrested for Alleged Child Sex Abuse

Phnom Penh Municipal Police arrested a 61-year-old German na­tional Thursday for allegedly sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl he brought to the capital from Siha­nouk­ville, officers said November 2.

Jopen Reimund Hubert, a re­tired IT engineer who had al­legedly been abusing the victim for two years, was invited by police for questioning after he was spotted bringing the 14-year-old into his hotel room, Phnom Penh anti-human trafficking police chief Urm Rathana said.

“He confessed that he has taken naked photos of children, but claims that he did not have sex,” Urm Rath­a­na said, adding that Hubert is ex­pected to be charged on Saturday.

Urm Rathana said the 14-year-old girl has told police that Hubert has been abusing several young girls in Sihanoukville, but he declined to say how many victims there might be.

Samleang Seila, country director for anti-pedophile NGO APLE, said that his organization had been investigating Hubert for two years in Sihanoukville.

“The police in Sihanoukville are not really working seriously against the sexual exploitation of children,” he said. APLE reported Hu­bert to Phnom Penh anti-trafficking police after he was spotted bringing her to the capital, Sam­leang Seila said.

“Whenever there is a case where it is clear that a foreigner is with a child in a hotel room, the police in Phnom Penh are not hesitant to take action,” Samleang Seila added.

Hubert is the second foreign ped­o­phile suspect residing in Siha­nouk­ville that has been arrested by Phnom Penh police.

On Oct 19, Russian businessman Alexander Trofimov, 41, was arrested in Sihanoukville by In­terior Min­is­try anti-trafficking po­lice and charged with debauchery by the Phnom Penh Muni­ci­pal Court.

Be Sivanna, chief of the Siha­nouk­ville anti-trafficking bureau, said that his department takes child sex abuse cases seriously, but ad­mitted that he was un­aware of Hubert’s activities.


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