Gas Prices Hiked as Deliveries to Pailin Dry Up

pailin – Authorities here hope to restart gas deliveries from Thai­land today following a two week suspension that has bump­ed up gas prices in the area.

The Thai gas company TTI stopped delivering gas over the border two weeks ago following technical difficulties with its contract with the town’s main gas station, Second Deputy Governor Ieng Vuth said Saturday.

Sun Teup, the deputy manager of the TTI gas station just outside of Pailin, said renewal of the company’s transportation license in Thailand had been held up be­cause of a public holiday there last week, and he hoped that gasoline delivery would restart today.

Many small businesses are also hoping that delivery will begin soon.

Roadside petrol vendors say they have had to increase the price of the gas they sell 25 percent to the equivalent of $0.36 a liter be­cause they are now buying gas from Bat­tambang province, rather than from the TTI station.

Pailin enjoys a tax-free status, which means importers do not have to pay duty on any gas brought into the municipality for use here. The status has made Pailin a key gateway for smuggled fuel destined for Phnom Penh.

Moto taxi driver Bun Than said the rise has hurt his business.

“Since the gas price increased I cannot make money because I have to ask a higher price and customers can’t pay,” Bun Than complained.

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