Garment Factory Donates Rice to Workers

Grand Twins International (Cambodia), a manufacturer for U.S. athletic apparel brands, donated 80 tons of jasmine rice to about 6,000 workers at its factory in Phnom Penh’s Pur Senchey district on Thursday.

“I got 15 kg of rice because I have worked here for three years,” said Lim Chanda. 

“But I don’t know why the factory offered the rice to workers. It’s strange to me.”

Another worker said she received 5 kg of rice, but also did not know why the company gave it to the workers. “I am happy to receive 5 kg of rice.

I asked other workers and they said they don’t know, either,” said Chhim Vuthy, 22.

Grand Twins officials could not be reached for comment, but local media reported that the donation was to encourage workers to continue to do good work.

Grand Twins’ donation comes at a turbulent time for the garment industry, with continuing strikes and protests at factories.

It also comes three weeks after Grand Twins listed on the Cambodian Securities Exchange, becoming the first private company to do so and only the second overall.

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