Gamers Converge on NagaWorld for $3,125 Grand Prize

Thirty-two gamers competed for a grand prize worth about $3,125 at the championship round of the Justice X-war 2 tournament at Phnom Penh’s Naga­World casino Sunday.

The eight members of team Special shared in the final prize pool after defeating team Show Stopper in the closing round of the weeklong online role-playing tournament, in which 1,500 local gamers navigated their virtual personas through the Justice X-war video­game fantasy world.

Show Stopper member Ravuth, 26, said during a break in play that his team was the underdog in the final match. “It will be hard to win, because other teams have a higher ranking,” he said.

His team split a prize pack worth $1,625 for winning the consolation prize, which should help make up for the $400 or $500 Ra­vuth said he has spent equipping his virtual character in the last six months.

That sacrifice was worth it, he said. “I play this game for fun, teamwork and respect.”

Early last month, police shut down several stores hosting JX2 in connection with the recent crackdown on gambling and sports betting.

Phnom Penh Municipal police chief Touch Naruth confirmed by telephone Sunday that his officers continue to close Internet gaming shops located within 200 meters of schools, in accordance with Cam­bodian law.

“We keep closing down Inter­net gaming stores…that are affecting students’ studies,” he said.

Mike Gaertner, chief operating officer for CIDC Information Tech­­n­ology, the company that li­censes the JX2 game in Cam­bodia, said Sunday that he knows of three stores that were closed because of their proximity to schools.

However, he added that about 20 shops have been shut down, and, “I don’t think the other closures have really been related to that.”


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