Funcinpec Women Create Election Action Plan

In an effort to encourage women to play a stronger role in policy making, Funcinpec Party women leaders met Saturday and outlined a plan of action for commune election participation.

“The party has a principle that calls for 30 percent of women [to run] in the communal election,” Ky Lam Ang, a Funcinpec parliamentarian and women’s movement leader, said Monday. “We will work hard to get this.”

Ky Lam Ang said the 80 participants in the “Partnership in Development” workshop created a task force to coordinate the strengthening of the party’s countrywide network of women. She said Funcinpec would begin sending its female leaders to work in the provinces.

Men Maly, Funcinpec deputy women’s movement leader, complained about the low percentage of women listed as candidates. “As far as I know, less than 10 percent of the party’s listed communal candidates are women,” she said. “If women stay at the policy making level, we can solve everything in a more peaceful, reflective manner than men.”

The group discussed the recent, possibly politically motivated murder of a prospective Funcinpec candidate and his wife in Kampot province.

Men Maly said the incident would not scare candidates away from running in the election. “We must not be afraid of this,” she said. “If we do, we can’t promote our voices and the rights of women in policy making.”

About 80 women attended the meeting, chaired by Princess Norodom Marie Ran­ariddh, wife of National As­sem­bly President and Funcinpec Party President Prince Norodom Ran­ariddh.

Election monitors originally had lobbied the government to establish a quota for female condidates. But this measure was struck down by government officials who pointed out that it would be unconstitutional.





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