Funcinpec Says Kem Sokha Case Resolved

A tentative agreement has been struck to resolve the case of Kem Sokha, the former parliamentarian who went into hiding after being sought for questioning by the municipal court, a Funcinpec parliamentarian said Thursday.

However, court officials said they were unaware of any change in the case.

Funcinpec National Assembly member Ahmad Yahya said his party and the CPP settled the issue of Kem Sokha during re­cent coalition government talks.

Also, Sam Rainsy parliamentarian Son Chhay said Wednesday that Assembly members would propose the government close the Kem Sokha case after the government is formed.

The Son Sann Party member was spotted publicly on Satur­day—the first time since late Sep­tember—after attending the wedding of Ahmad Yahya’s fa­ther.

The municipal court had wanted to query Kem Sokha about his role in the election-result protests demonstrations of late August and early September. Specifically, the court wanted to ask whether the politician had made statements that may have incited violence against ethnic Vietnamese and to the Aug 30 vandalizing of the Cambodia-Vietnam Libera­tion Monument.

Court documents officially listed the topics as “discrimination that led to violence” and “destruction of public property.”

Kem Sokha said he did no­thing wrong and failed to appear after several summonses.

The Son Sann Party, of which Kem Sokha is secretary-general, implied that Kem Sokha was being targeted for his role in the election-result protests. The party called the court summonses unconstitutional and a violation of parliamentary immunity.

At the time, Kem Sokha was an Assembly member for the BLDP, which is now the Son Sann Party.

Khan Choeun, chief of prosecutors in the municipal court, said Thursday that he didn’t know if the status of Kem Sokha’s case had changed. He stressed that the court had only called Kem Sokha to respond to questions.

“This case is not serious unless the court issues a warrant or an order to bring him in,” Khan Choeun said. “The various summons the court issued are just invitations. It’s a normal letter.”

Khan Choeun said an investigating judge would send him a file once it is complete. He has yet to received a file on Kem Sokha, Khan Choeun said.

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