Funcinpec Official Claims CPP Might Be Getting Nervous

kompong cham town – Funcin­pec Co-Minister of Interior You Hockry said this week he be­lieves the CPP is getting nervous, and he worries that political violence could increase.

“The battle is not yet to that point, we’ll see in one more week, then probably the heat will come,” You Hockry said Tuesday during an interview in Kompong Cham province, where he has been directing campaign efforts.

You Hockry said one clear sign that CPP may be getting nervous is that Second Prime Minister Hun Sen recently predicted to a Japanese diplomat that the CPP would only win 45 to 65 National Assembly seats, compared with the party’s goal of 73.

“Why change so much be­tween 73 and 45?” You Hockry asked. “So he’s nervous. And if the party is nervous, then they may take measures. That’s what we worry about.”

In Kompong Cham, You Hock­ry claimed intimidation has come mainly in the form of preventing people from freely attending campaign meetings. “Because of my position, the intimidation I don’t think is significant,” he said. Funcinpec would do even better in Kompong Cham pro­vince than in 1993, when it won 10 of 18 National Assembly seats, he said.

You Hockry also addressed the question of the transfer of power, should the CPP lose the election.

“I have to believe what Hun Sen says—he says five hours after he will transfer the power—but I still wonder.”

You Hockry also responded to claims that Fun­cinpec is illegally building an army to enforce el­ect­ion results. “I think that’s an old story,” he said, referring to the issue of integrating resistance commander Nhiek Bun Chhay’s troops with government troops.

“There were too many conditions. It’s not the fault of Prince Ranariddh that the [reintegration] process failed, it doesn’t mean he kept the army. The prince didn’t even have a chance to go to the border [where the resistance is based]. So how can he be commander if he never got to the border?”

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