Funcinpec Meeting To Decide New Positions

Taking another step toward a royalist reshuffle, Prince No­ro­dom Sirivudh said he would send a list of names of possible contenders for senior Funcinpec po­si­tions to the party’s steering committee this weekend, but did not say how many names would be on the list.

The party’s steering and permanent committees will make the final decisions on whom to re­place or appoint, Prince Si­ri­vudh said.

An internal shakeup of the par­ty was announced earlier this month after a disastrous showing in the commune council elections on Feb 3. Party leaders hope changes at the top—including a probable replacement for co-Min­is­ter of Interior You Hockry—will put the party back in contention for the national elections next year.

“We are only adding vitamins to reform the party’s administration before the 2003 election,” Prince Sirivudh said. “It is my duty to make the party more powerful.”

The prince said Funcinpec officials also plan to meet with their CPP coalition government partners to resolve several outstanding issues. A meeting has been scheduled for April 29. One priority among the topics to be discussed is the National Election Committee law.

“Because we are partners for leading the government and competitors, too, we need to solve some issues for the nation—issues that we do not yet agree on, and some issues that worry both of us,” the prince said.

He said Funcinpec ex­pects to be allowed to make internal changes without interference from the CPP. Funcinpec members did not interfere when CPP officials removed three of their own members from the Sen­ate last year for failing to follow CPP policy, he said.

“Our Funcinpec party generally did not interfere with it,” the prince said. “I hope the partner would accept this point.”

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