Funcinpec Blasts Opposition, Claims Unity

Funcinpec criticized the Sam Rainsy Party in a statement is­sued Friday, calling opposition lead­er Sam Rainsy “kind of un­grateful” and urged Funcinpec mem­bers “not to get cheated by the incitement of Sam Rainsy.”

“Sam Rainsy, what has he done for the nation?” asked the Funcin­pec news release. “Sam Rainsy has done nothing but incite garment factory workers to protest and to create turmoil and social in­stability that scared away foreign investors.”

The release was issued a day after Funcinpec lawmakers end­ed a four-day boycott, which started after the National Assem­b­­ly rejected RCAF Deputy Com­mander-in-Chief Khan Savoeun as Funcinpec’s nominee for co-minister of Interior.

Because CPP lawmakers ab­stained, Khan Sa­voeun did not receive the necessary two-thirds vote, Funcinpec boycotters sta­ted.

Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarians also boycotted over the Khan Savoeun rejection.

In what could be the most critical part of the statement, Fun­cin­pec compared Sam Rainsy to his father, Sam Sary, who the statement charged with betraying the Cambodian monarchy.

Sam Sary was considered a traitor in the 1960s for his involvement with the Khmer Serei—an anti-Sihanouk movement led by Son Ngoc Thanh.

The release also praised Fun­cin­pec President Prince Noro­dom Ranariddh, who has recently come under attack by critics—including the Sam Rainsy Party—who charge he is not leading his party well.

The prince, who criticized last week’s boycott, has also been blasted for allegedly not fully supporting Khan Savoeun, sparking fears of conflict within Funcinpec.

On Sunday, Funcinpec lawmaker Nan Sy denied any conflict within the party, adding that the boycott “is just an expression of unhappiness with how Funcinpec is being treated by the CPP.”

Asked about internal conflict, Nan Sy said, “I cannot predict the future. Even though now there is no sign of conflict, people have the legal right to [protest the prince]. And the prince also suggested that Funcinpec is the democratic party, so people can do whatever they want.”

Funcinpec lawmaker Keo Remy agreed, saying, “All the Funcinpec members are still loyal to the party and they still think that Funcinpec is good for them.”

He added: “Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, but so far there is no split. But it is up to the [party leaders] if they give justice to their own people equally.”


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