Fuel Imports May Reopen PTT Stations

Seven Petroleum Authority of Thailand stations that closed several months ago for lack of fuel may reopen today, a company official said Tuesday. 

Dan O’Donnell, country manager of PTT’s importer Contin­en­tal Indochine, said fuel imports had resumed and tanker trucks were preparing to transport gas to the stations.

Fuel imports from Thailand were suspended in Feb­ruary, when the government ordered the company to close its oil depot in Ream Harbor and move to the Stung Hao jetty in Sihanoukville.

While the company was lobbying to have the decision rescinded, the stations gradually ran out of gas, company officials said.

The Council of Ministers re­scinded the order in June, but O’Donnell said further negotiations with the government de­layed reopening, which officials had hoped would be in early July.

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