French Nationals’ Accounts of Shooting Differ

The two French nationals injured in a shooting in Phnom Penh last week—each of them still under medical care at opposite ends of Calmette Hos­pital—gave contradictory ac­counts of the shooting in interviews on Monday.

Police have similarly said that each of the two men accused the other following the closed-door shooting in the Monivong Boule­vard Electrolux showroom.

Jean-Philippe Demont-Pierot, 48, who is CEO of media company So­laris, alleged that Electrolux branch manager Laurent Vincent shot him in a jealous rage over a woman.

Vincent, who has been a manager at Electrolux for four years, de­nied ever owning a gun and de­clined to fully respond to De­mont-Pierot’s allegations.

Vincent added that he has had no previous problems with the law but declined further comment, saying that he had already told police his story.

Demont-Pierot said multiple shots were fired in the scuffle be­tween the two men, including one that went through his midsection.

Vincent sustained a wound to the leg, though it was not clear how this happened.

Demont-Pierot said doctors had initially told him his prognosis was grim when he arrived at the hospital with a bullet wound.

“My luck is incredible,” he said, explaining that the bullet went in through the right side of his chest and out of his lower back but didn’t hit any major organs.

Hy Pru, Phnom Penh deputy po­lice commissioner in charge of security, said Sunday that it was not clear which of the two men brought the gun to the showroom.


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