French Citizens Shot in Robbery Attempt

Police are pursuing four men suspected of shooting at three French nationals, including a French Embassy employee, in central Phnom Penh on Monday night. Two of the French citizens were injured.

Mok Chito, chief of Municipal Police for Foreigners, said Tues­day he expects police to arrest at least one suspect today. He said he believes the assailants belong to “teen gangs” who target foreigners for robbery.

The victims had stopped in their four-wheel drive vehicle on Street 107 in the city center to let one man off in front of his home, according to French Embassy and police sources.

Two passengers armed with pistols then dismounted from mo­tor­cycles and approached the vehicle on opposite sides with their weapons drawn, officials said. The assailants opened fire when the driver attempted to flee in the vehicle. The driver was shot in both arms and a man in the back seat was grazed by bullets in his lower torso and arm, the embassy official said.

The victims drove to Cal­mette Hospital where they were treated by hospital staff. Their injuries are not considered serious, the embassy official said. Police identified one victim as Frank Solaro, 32, and the other as a 34-year-old man. One of the victims is a French Embassy guard, sources said. The men driving the motorcycles are also suspects, Mok Chito said.

(Reporting by Saing Soenthrith and Marc Levy)


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